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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Comparison of Triond, Expertscolumn, Xomba, Shvoong, and Bukisa Online Publishing

Currently, I am using (on and off) five online publishing sites to place my articles. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. But using them all has some definite advantages for you, the writer of online content and articles.
Each of the five online publishers Triond, Expertscolumn, Xomba, Shvoong, and Bukisa has its own pitfalls and earning possibilities. Some of them are better than others in certain respects. But using them all gives you certain advantages in republishing your articles and using them as relevant outside links again in your future writing.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solved: Triond’s Logic in Placing Articles

I finally cracked the logic behind Triond editors’ logic in placing articles on the different sites. In fact, the solution was so easy; I should have arrived at it two years back, if not earlier.
We all constantly wonder where our articles got to. I am not talking about the multitude of articles that Triond just tends to lose and never find again. I am talking of the odd places articles disappear to on the different sites Triond runs, that is, before they lose them completely in internet limbo with which they are obviously unable to cope.

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Back-up Your Articles on Your Computer or Lose Them

When you publish articles on-line, it makes good sense to save them to your computer, too, as Triond is not the only site that manages to lose articles or confines them to the bin. But keeping your articles on your computer and keeping them organised has further advantages for you and your writing.
Triond lost my articles and I was just glad I had everything save on my computer again (with an additional back-up on an external hard-drive). Like this, I was able to republish them instantly on Expertscolumn while I waited for Triond to clear up the mess. Obviously, its now over a month and Triond has done what it does best: Nothing.

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Triond Has a Major Flag Failure

When Triond announced the installation of a flag button on all its pages, it was already clear that there would be trouble. Here is my story and what went wrong thanks to the flag (and several other reasons).
It has been clear for some time that something was going wrong at Triond. I personally don’t know if any of the editors is able to read; I do know that they are unable to read English. Most of my articles have been published in astonishing places, usually with no connection to the articles’ contents. I have grown used to that.

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