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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Airmech Map Review And Strategy.


Duel is not a very complex map as indicated by the name. You will see it snakes through the middle with the only neutral creeps being in the middle section. This allows you to secure your entire side before anything serious happens. When you are ready to move out, it is time tostart destroying those neutral forces.

There are a few things to be wary of. We should start with the back door. We all know what the back door is. When someone drops a powerful unit on your doorstep from behind. This allows that unit to do a lot of damage. There are no power pads in the back of your base and it is on a separate pathway that can easily keep a tank alive for 15-20 seconds. That is enough to lose the game.

Another serious spot to watch for is your farthest back outpost. The reason for this is that enemy creeps will come down the two far sides. This means if it is left undefended it will most assuredly be captured. Even without the other player trying. Let alone if he did.

Free Websites to Stream, Watch and Enjoy TV and Movies Online! The Best Sites For Streaming.

What I want to accomplish?

I want you to be able to quickly and easily be able to find the movies and TV shows you want to watch when you want them. I want to solve your problems of constantly looking for new places to look for these things. I am hoping this will be helpful and informative and I am looking forward to ratings and comments to help me learn and grow and also to recommend new websites which I will promptly post to this page or to a new one of similar intent. I hope you enjoy and again, please leave a comment with thoughts and opinions. Thanks a million for joining my crusade to make streaming movies without sign-ups and annoying downloads easier!


For those of us within the United States of America Hulu can easily be used for all your online streaming needs. It has nearly all Television episodes that air in the U.S and it allows free streaming without having to open an account or give any information. To me that is tops!

It takes a moment to load but once it is loaded it rarely lags. It is completely legal and hassle free. It is the number one choice but sadly it limits use to people from other countries and they are quite good at not being fooled. Trust me I tried!

Project Free TV

Source: Project Free TV

Project Free TV

Project Free TV Totes itself as a television revolution. It allows people to access all of the free movie and TV content online without signing up. It encourages you to like them on Facebook etc. You don't have to, that to me is always nice. They make a list of all the sources each episode and movie can be found at. It asks each person who has opened the links to rate them whether they worked or not and at what speed. This makes it really easy to locate the best copy available, that is most likely to allow you to stream quickly and easily. You can even post your own links if you think you found a better version of something. Advertisements are a bit spammy but all of the pages have a turn off audio button so audio advertisements don't bother you!

The Only Device

The only device may seem a silly name but I assure you it is a pretty good place to look. It has many interesting features. The part I enjoy the most is that is really focuses on you watching movies and TV. It has no random text and it not so advertising spammed that you can barely stand to load it on a Cray Super computer. It is a very genuine and free place to watch movies with no downloads or sign-ups required. I highly recommend it to everyone. The Only Device Is effective because it is hosted especially for movies on a VPN network. This allows you the fastest load speeds for a classic movie player. Who needs a download with that kind of power!

Why Everyone Matters On Hub Pages?

I have been writing online for money since 2007. I have written over 1,000 different articles and the likes. Some of them are much more successful than others. After some thought I have realized that the online writing community has been around quite awhile. People have been writing for years. It is an over saturated market to be blunt. That is why having the highest quality content is more than just important. It is vital. The new changes on Google including the 'Penguin' update are to narrow in on the 'best' information available. There are a lot of articles out there about this and that. Google uses all the content on a website to determine if they are worth searches time or not.