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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Safety Tips for Streaming Movies Online

A lot of people look for Websites that allow them to stream movie online. However a lot of those people are not familiar with many of the scams and problems that come along with these things. We will address those for you!

First off it is important to understand that 95% of video streaming that takes place on the Internet is illegal. Once you know this it is your goal to find a website that pays royalties to the people who own the rights to the movies and not just pirating them. If they pirate and you get caught watching them the chances of repercussions are low but if you were to receive a fine it would most likely be heavy.
Another good tip is to make sure there is no custom software to download. I have seen a lot of movie sites use a rare version of a media player which they can add mal-ware and spy ware to as you download it. This has caused a lot of problems and it almost always has a large impact on streaming speed when you have to download a special client to watch their movies.
It is also important to note pop-ups and notice bars when you go to these sites for the first time. Some are really just advertising dumps and they nearly always cause problems for you and your computer. Pop-ups and especially pop-under slow down your movie and just generally annoy you as well as your computer.
Pay to view is also another matter. Most websites that require you to pay are, believe it or not, illegal. Generally solid movie websites use advertising to pay loyalties and the illegal ones make profit off you paying. Try to keep it legal as best as you can!
Pick a single website and use it. If you get something bad from it you KNOW where it came from and that is important. You can then move on and avoid that website. It also helps you once you know one is safe to remain safe and perhaps even join the community.
This brings up our next point. Website community, also known as a forum. Get to know other people using the site. This will help you stay up to date on how things work and any potential problems before they hit you. It will also build your trust and give you something to base your choices off of when ti comes to what site to use.
These are all the tips we have for now! We encourage you to follow these tips and keep it all legal!
You can find a list of good movie sites here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Watch Movies for free!

Stream all the movies you can handle for free on these 10 great websites!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reviews for Movies Must SEE!

This is the review for the hit TV show SUPERNATURAL must read! Leave comments! Just enter this link into your URL!

Ways to make money fast and easy

Just click the link to discover ways to make money fast and quick

Friday, May 21, 2010

Carl Hirschmann and Noemi Lenoir: Reality Check on Press Rumours

British and international press and media latched on to the alleged suicide attempt of VIP Noemi Lenoir, a person so unimportant she didn’t even make the list of the most unimportant VIPs in the world. In an attempt to spice up the story to news level, they added unchecked rumour but didn’t do their homework. More

Write Travel Articles About Home

Travel articles are amongst the most read articles, as our friend martie points out in her recent article. Travel articles are about beautiful and interesting places. Does that necessarily mean these places always need to be away from home? More

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Triond Writing Facts and Family Support

Several writers have been commenting on writing on Triond recently, and I liked what they said. But some things seem not to be included in these articles. I therefore decided to have a go at it and see if I can clarify some things, to myself as well as to others. More

Apostrophic Apostrophe?

Many writers, and I don’t mean specifically Triond writers, seem to have lost the touch for properly used apostrophes in English. Is this apostrophe’s demise? Or should I rather say apostrophes demise? More

Labelling is Art and Fraud All in One

Fraud in labelling is usually committed in the omissions. The art of labelling is not being caught at it. More

No Brand Marketing Sets New Standards But Not Trends

McDonald’s ploy of opening two brand-free outlets in Japan might prove a ricochet investment in marketing. Having followed the blogging on the net since the first mention, already first conclusion may be drawn. More

The Trials of Growing Up Bilingual

Many might think that growing up using several languages makes everything easier. It makes some things easier, but some things become more difficult. More

Comparative Advertising: Why It Works for Others

Comparative advertising is used way too often. In most cases, all you do is remind the audience of your competitor’s existence. More

A Job Application

If you ever consider a job as a teacher in England, this should help you along the way. More

A Typical CNN Story?

A CNN story was tweeted to me yesterday, and I wonder what kind of story CNN employees were thinking of publishing. Maybe it should have been uplifting, but I find it sordid and short of a plain scandal. More

Wimbledon Press Conference Special Report

If you think Wimbledon is only about entertainment on grass, you’re wrong. The press conferences may be just as entertaining, or after some matches even more so than the game previously held. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the amusement is provided by non English speaking players, quite contrariwise, the British journalists are quite able to outshine just about everyone. More

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Users Hit by Fraudsters

Free advertising websites are constantly used by fraudsters to embezzle funds from unsuspecting users. and similar free advertising sites worldwide are unable to prevent them from doing it, though is trying to close the fraudulent ads as soon as spotted. More

I Am an Expert: Are You?

I am the world’s leading expert on experts, expertitis, expertism, experticity, expertation, and expertition. If you aren’t in the know yet, read on and profit from my expert information. More

Old Stuff, But Worth Reading on Triond

Old stuff on Triond is worth reading, too. You might want to go through your friends older articles from time to time to read older articles or to reread them. Or you might use the search function when writing an article of your own and include old related materials to what you are currently doing. More

Is It Worthwhile to Write News Items for Triond?

After reading the comments on my news article on Roman Polanski, I asked myself if it is worthwhile writing news items for Triond at all. As I knew the reaction of ‘that is old news’ from myself reading other writers’ news articles, I found it necessary to raise the question for all to consider. More

Truly Trollish: Eat Your Heart Out

Writing is a joy; but some people get frightened of by Trolls; some delete them; I myself laugh about them. There are many ways to deal with Trolls, and each of us should choose how to deal with it as is best for her/him. More

Trolls Existed Before The Internet

If you were of the opinion that trolls were an invention of the internet, a recent book publication will disabuse you of that preconception. The truly vicious comments were written by writers about other writers. The book is a must read for any aspiring troll; it’s a necessary guide on how to be truly insulting with style. More

BBC’s My Story Competition: No Need to Write English

Receiving the entry form for the BBC’s My Story competition, I had a nasty shock. Red letters at the top told me to “Remember, judging is based on how great the story is, not on grammar and spelling.” I suppose this attitude coincides with the recent development that you don’t need to talk proper English to be a speaker either. More

Reading and Writing Form a Good Team

Reading other writers’ articles on Triond helps you to develop your own skills. But it does more for you; it opens your mind to new ideas, thereby inspiring you to write new articles. Reading is a major part of my own writing process, usually taking up much more time than the actual writing of the article that I’ll publish. More

When a Sassy Headline Becomes an Embarrassment

Swiss Television homepage thoroughly embarrassed itself over the news over the arrest of Carl Hirschmann, owner of the most renowned celebrity club venue in Zurich. The story started with a rumour reported wrongly, making a follow-up with a retraction of previous information inevitable. Instead of calming things down, they dug themselves in deeper and deeper. More

Twitter Lists: The Way to Follow People Who Block You

Twitter has introduced a new feature called lists. The name is the deed: It allows you to create one or several lists of people you find interesting. Lists can be made public to be accessed and followed for anybody or they may be kept private. More

Get Inspired by Old Triond Articles

Whenever you feel you want to or should write an article but you can’t make up your mind about what, reading old Triond articles may help you out of your dilemma. Go to your friends’ profiles, read their old articles, and go to their friends’ profiles and read their articles. More

Expand Your Vocabulary

Writing is using your vocabulary to the fullest. To become an even better writer, it is essential that you keep on expanding your vocabulary. Writing doesn’t do that for you, but reading will. More

Why Outbound Linking is Good News for Your Google Page Rank

Why do you in your articles, not to mention numerous online marketers and webmasters alike, avoid linking out to other websites? Do you feel you’re doing yourself a disservice by including outbound links to other websites and other articles? Do you fear that you will somehow lose your Google Page Rank by doing this? Or are you just too lazy? More

Typical Internet Fraud by E-mail

There are many ways fraudsters try to lure the unwary on the internet. One way to do it is by e-mail after obtaining your address from a page where you might have submitted it. More

Dying for a Holiday?

If you are dying for a holiday, I’ve got some tips to make your wish come true. More

When Advertisement Goes Wrong

What makes a good advert? And what makes it a total failure? I won’t try to answer that question conclusively, but I’ll give you three examples of excellently executed ads, two of which were, in my opinion, a real waste of money. More

8 Most Hated Jobs!

How many people do you know that hate their jobs? The real questions is which ones are the worst?
I think it is time to share with the world the reason to get an education! If you don’t you may get stuck with one of these jobs!

Monday, March 29, 2010

5 Free Flash Gaming Websites!

Here is a stellar list of the most fun/virus free flash game websites! 100% free! Free to play and fun too1 Can't beat it!
Check out all 5 flash game websites!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to Avoid Bad Contractors!

I would first like to mention that the television shows about home renovation rip-offs and stealing contractors is not a television stunt. These things really happen to new and old homeowners alike. There are many ways to avoid this. Keep reading to find out how for yourself!

Read more about avoiding bad contractors!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rigged Poker Websites

If you have been playing poker online for a while you must have come across a poker site that was claimed to have been rigged. It isn’t uncommon on poker sites when an inferior hand wins and the better hand does not win. And when this happens all too often the poker site can be rigged. Whether it is just a one time error or if a poker site is actually rigged will also depend on how the cards are dealt.
Read more about Rigged Poker Websites!

Social Blogging Versus Blogging for Money

I would like to explain the differences between social and monetized blogging. Technically they are the same thing. You can have a monetized social blog. You can blog on Triond socially and make some money. I am talking about large sums or enough to make it worth the effort just for the money.
Social Blogging Versus Blogging for Money

Friday, March 26, 2010

5 Dumb things Men Do!

Well we have been over what woman do to men to make us miserable, now it is time for vengeance! Join me as we discuss how to avenge the annoyances!

So you enjoy flirting, hate being beaten by a girl or your girl has treated you unfairly? I am going to share five amazing ways to get vengeance without getting lonely!
Read teh rest about Men being stupid!

Top 5 Websites To Freelance Write On!

Top 5 Websites To Freelance Write On!
Here are 5 top websites to write on to earn money!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Write 2 Earn Progress

Write 2 Earn is coming along quite nicely. We have a few new members who hopefulyl will start posting more! WRite 2 Earn as you know is an easy way to get free backlinks and traffic to your website as you post links here and write a short summary! Currently Write 2 Earn is open to any type of article! As we grow we will start creating other blogs for specific article types so they rank even higher!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Get a Top Kill Streak in COD 5

Well, You may be wondering how people get such high kill streaks! Surely they know something you don’t! Not really, they just planned it very well and added a bit of skill with a tiny bit of luck!
In Call of Duty World at War there are bonuses for getting kill streaks up to 7. However it will record your max kill streak (without dying of course). This however is only for bragging rights! Most people easily get 15-20 kill streaks, simple. Get yourself to 7 and get dogs then get lucky and not die while they are killing everyone! Good job, however you will never pass 20 kills in a row relying on dogs!

Read the rest of How to Get a Top Kill Streak on Call of Duty 5!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Lower Visibility on Pandemic 2!

All of us who have played Pandemic 2 know what the key to winning is. The key to winning is having as low a level of visibility as possible. How do you do this? There are certain things you need to do to keep low visibility. Once you get something like a shipyard or airport closed it doesn't EVER re-open!
This is how you lower visibility on pandemic!

The Importance of Hygiene!

You think not showering because it is Saturday is proper? You think because you forgot to brush your teeth a Tic-Tac will be enough? I think not.
You think it is fine since it is a day off you don’t need to shower, well your gross! You argue “Well I am not going to see anyone today why bother”! Personally I keep clean for my own good not yours, I don’t mean to be rude or offensive, (OK maybe a little!) but I don’t care what you think I enjoy being clean! So the girl/guy thinks it is OK too! Well then go to have a nice relaxing sit down on the couch watching reruns and sitting in your own B.O. i don’t find that overly attractive!
Read more about the Importance of Hygiene!

Monday, March 22, 2010

10 Places to Stream Free Movies!

Totally free as well as virus free. I have compiled a list of 10 websites which allow you to easily and simply watch streaming video and television online! Give them all a try!
Here they are online streaming videos!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top 4 Browser E-mail Clients!

Why Online E-mail Clients?
Why would you choose to use an E-mail account that is not on your computer itself? Well there are many reasons.
1. Accessibility
2. Speed
3. Reliability
4. Simplicity
5. Better updates and Security
6. Completly FREE!
See more about Browser E-mails!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top 6 Free Websites to Stream Movies!

Have you ever wanted to stream videos for free? No downloads? The time is now I have made a list of 6 of the best websites to do this with! Watch free streamed videos now!

Free Backlinks and Traffic!

I have been writing online for about 2 years now and I have found a very effective way to get a lot of solid backlinks as well as high traffic. NO SCAM... I have done this for a few different websites and it has worked well! Read more About backlinking for free!

Write 2 Earn Purpose

1. It will drive people directly to our articles as it will appear higher ranked then our actual articles but people will want to read the whole thing (if it is a good summary or introduction).

2. It will boost the SEO of our individual articles if the blog itself does not generate the views.If you would like to join us here you can E-mail me at OR you can Private message me on Triond (Routledge) ,Hubpages (Routlegde) or Bukisa (Routledge) these are preferred, I may miss an E-mail but never a private message.This has worked in the past but people stopped posting on the Blog I was using so I decided to start my own! If you have any questions ask away!

**Please E-mail me if you want to join as I need to verify it is your E-mail before I invite you to blog!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Write 2 Earns Purpose.

Here at Write 2 Earn AKA Routledge from Triond/Bukisa the purpose is to create a blog everyone can use that will help them build traffic and search engine ranking to their Triond/Blog/Bukisa articles. You simply post the first paragraph (or a custom summary of your article) then a link to read the rest wherever it is posted. Blogger is highly ranked with Google and as we post more as a team and group it will become higher ranked. This will have a two fold purpose!
1. It will drive people directly to our articles as it will appear higher ranked then our actual articles but people will want to read the whole thing (if it is a good summary or introduction).
2. It will boost the SEO of our individual articles if the blog itself does not generate the views.

If you would like to join us here you can E-mail me at you can see my profile on Triond (Routledge) or Hubpages (Routlegde)" I will only reply to E-mails This ensures that the E-mail you send to me is one you actually use so I can invite you to publish on this blog with it. Thanks.

This has worked in the past but people stopped posting on the Blog I was using so I decided to start my own! If you have any questions ask away!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blogger, the best blog website?

I believe blogger to be the best place to blog because of the easy layout it provides. You can publish any content you want with full rights to that which you write! You can have multiple blogs and invite your friends to write on them as well! This is one of the best innovations in blogging ever created! I have used blogger for awhile now and am just learning fully to exploit the wonderful tools and options it provides for our use! It is entirely free to sign up for and we can all do it! As you build traffic to your blog you can monetize it with Google adsense, one of the highest paying online advertisers in the world! They have dealt with me fairly and are in large support of blogger blogs being a direct affiliate! I encourage everyone to sue blogger are their main blogging platform!