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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why Every Triond User Should Have an Expertscolumn Account, Too

A Triond friend of mine recently advised me to open an account with Expertscolumn to republish my articles. While I do that sporadically, I found a reason as to why every Triond (and any other writer for all that) user should have an account there, even if they do not intend to publish there.
Expertscolumn is a publishing site based in India. While it offers you the possibility to submit articles, the choice of possible subjects is quite limited as opposed to the freedom we enjoy on Triond. But unlike Triond, they do not insist on original material and allow you to republish articles you have published on other sites. Al they ask is that you use the same user name as on the original publishing site.

Join Expertscolumn via this link.

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