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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Safety Tips for Streaming Movies Online

A lot of people look for Websites that allow them to stream movie online. However a lot of those people are not familiar with many of the scams and problems that come along with these things. We will address those for you!

First off it is important to understand that 95% of video streaming that takes place on the Internet is illegal. Once you know this it is your goal to find a website that pays royalties to the people who own the rights to the movies and not just pirating them. If they pirate and you get caught watching them the chances of repercussions are low but if you were to receive a fine it would most likely be heavy.
Another good tip is to make sure there is no custom software to download. I have seen a lot of movie sites use a rare version of a media player which they can add mal-ware and spy ware to as you download it. This has caused a lot of problems and it almost always has a large impact on streaming speed when you have to download a special client to watch their movies.
It is also important to note pop-ups and notice bars when you go to these sites for the first time. Some are really just advertising dumps and they nearly always cause problems for you and your computer. Pop-ups and especially pop-under slow down your movie and just generally annoy you as well as your computer.
Pay to view is also another matter. Most websites that require you to pay are, believe it or not, illegal. Generally solid movie websites use advertising to pay loyalties and the illegal ones make profit off you paying. Try to keep it legal as best as you can!
Pick a single website and use it. If you get something bad from it you KNOW where it came from and that is important. You can then move on and avoid that website. It also helps you once you know one is safe to remain safe and perhaps even join the community.
This brings up our next point. Website community, also known as a forum. Get to know other people using the site. This will help you stay up to date on how things work and any potential problems before they hit you. It will also build your trust and give you something to base your choices off of when ti comes to what site to use.
These are all the tips we have for now! We encourage you to follow these tips and keep it all legal!
You can find a list of good movie sites here.

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