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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ways to make money blogging

1. Share your ideas- and many other sites allow you to share your articles with other sites like,, and even google. This way for anyone who views your article at those sites,you get views connected to your account.

2. Forum- Use the forum or talk to other members on the site. Getting to know people is just one way to get many views.

3. Comment- Comment on as many stories as you can that aren't yours. In this case, the people you comment on might add you as a friend, and view your articles.

4.Write interesting topics- No one likes to read stories about boring and dull stuff! So make your articles as interesting as possible. For example- everyone wants to know how to make money so relate your blogs to that.

5. Finally, publish your articles to the right sites. Many sites have certain views before you earn $0.01. Blogging about sports is probably the wealthiest way to go and blogging poetry is probably the least.

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